Pets Always Well: Rescue, Medical and Transport Funding (P.A.W.)


The Pets Always Well Mission:

Our mission is to support the innocent members of our community in their time of need, and work towards a greater good to save these lost souls. We are tireless in our efforts to rescue the forgotten, provide them with medical attention and transport them to loving forever homes. Our organization serves everywhere there is a need to save lives. We do not discriminate against breeds. We merely support our fellow rescuers and serve as a guiding light.

Wherever there is hopelessness or injustice, Pets Always Well will offer its resources regardless of economic status or affiliation.

How It Works

Whenever funds are needed for rescue, medical or transport the requesting party will contact us.  If such funds are available they will be disbursed, otherwise we will send as much as we can.  Remember, if there are no funds then we cannot assist.  We would like to help everyone if possible, so please donate whenever you can.  You just may need us some day. 

Just email us at: with your situation and request.



                Seeing a defeated, hopeless animal is the greatest of heartaches.



                    "Helping make tomrrow a brighter day".           

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