Pets Always Well: Rescue, Medical and Transport Funding (P.A.W.)


 Welcome to Pets Always Well!

P.A.W. is a registered non-profit organization founded in November of 2011. Primarily founded as a source of funding for those who could not afford medical care for their pets.  Instead of owners being forced to drop their pets at the local kill shelter, we would step in and provide assistance.  Since 2011, many individuals and organizations have asked us to help with adoption fees as well as transport fees.  Not a group who likes to say 'no' we chose to extend our reach to help as many as possible.  We have been helping save lives ever since!  Donations have been sent all over the U.S. and we personally have saved lives and transported from states such as California, Florida, Georgia,  Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.  We hope to expand our transport region and be able so save more than ever.  We have been affiliated with such generous transporters such as
Pilots N PawsOperation Roger and PETS LLC.

 "Helping make tom
rrow a brighter day". 

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